200,000 Visits in 3 days!「BEYBLADE X Creator Contest 」Results!

One of the biggest Game Jam Events for Japanese Roblox Developers

「Beyblade X Creator Contest」Game Jam was hosted by Roblabo Corporation on Roblox, with full cooperation from TOMY Company Ltd. We would like to announce the winners and the result from the contest.

The contest produced numerous captivating and playful games which helped attract over 200,000 visits in 3 days. The event became one of the biggest Game Jams held for Japanese developers on Roblox. This event became a special moment for Roblox in Japan.

◆ What is the "BEYBLADE X Creator Contest"?◆

It is a contest on Roblox where participants create games related to BEYBLADE X based on a specified template. The participants in the contest produced various masterpieces during the approximately one-month production period.

◆ Results of the BEYBLADE X Creator Contest ◆

■ Event Duration

October 6, 2023, 19:00 - October 9, 2023, 19:00

■ Total Number of Visits during the Period

201,000 visits

■ Total Time Spent in the Experience during this Period

15,425 hours

◆ Award Winners ◆

 ■1st Place: Inu Productions!

  『Defeat the Rampaging Giant Robot!』

 ■2nd Place:Red Panda


 ■3rd Place:Daysuke_OssansRob

  『Bey Bowling』

 ■Tomy Company Award:Tantan


 ■Roblabo Corp. Award:HiiAttack


 ■BEYBO Award:Kenman


◆Play the winning games!◆

You can still enjoy the award-winning works at BEYBLADE PARK. In addition to the winning entries, there are many other charming and ambitious creations. If you haven't played them yet, visit BEYBLADE PARK and experience the gem-like worlds crafted by talented Roblox creators.

◆Thank you to our Influencer judges! ◆

On the event day, YouTubers joined us in person, casting votes, and hosting live events with the general participants, exploring the gameplay created by the creators. They played a huge part in making the entire competition lively.

 Tekito           https://www.youtube.com/@tekito

 Ririchiyo         https://www.youtube.com/@ririchiyo145cm

 Kanipan & Tettun        https://www.youtube.com/@Roblox_kani

 Marchi         https://www.youtube.com/@MarchyGaming

 Yuzanu        https://www.youtube.com/@yuzanu

 Orechan         https://www.youtube.com/@OreChans

 Duck         https://www.youtube.com/@Dakkudesu


ロブラボは世界最大のメタバース【Roblox】の 日本最先端クリエイター&インフルエンサーです